Monday, 5 November 2012

Skipped on more


Remember, remember the 5th of November - the day that Peter Collins bagged his 2000th Hump - Skipton Moor (373m P137) -  in the company of Gordon Adshead, Bill, Jon Foote, Douglas Law, Pete Ridges, Chris Watson and myself.
I decided that with my bus-pass and senior railcard I could get there a lot cheaper and not much slower by train.

That's Skipton Moor in the background
We rendezvoused at the start of the track and, eventually, in a rather straggled line set off up the hill. Despite the fact that several of us had previously bagged this one, we managed to ascend by a less commonly used route.

Somehow the majority of us made it to the top. The usual disputes broke out about which particular rock was the true summit and whether any of them were higher than the trig. Despite the presence of the HumpHOFmeister, Chris, none of us knew the Hump chant - so Peter was saved from that embarassment. There was the usual ritual of  photos - for example, see below. If you want to see more pics try looking at Doug's at:

Peter Collins
Doug somebody
 Afterwards we had a celebratory drink here:
Congratulations, Peter.

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  1. Well captured Martin, I like the train pictures and the woodland.