Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Slaphead mountain

Monte Baldo from north
Lake Garda from Il Pozzetto
I did debate about starting from Lake Garda and ascending the full height of the mountain from the west. However, as I was already on the east side I went for an easier option and started from the road on track 652 and then track 66 up Val Camprone and found myself on the main ridge in no time at all. The ridge has a long and well used path that follows the full length and it was easy walking with occasional views to the west down towards Lake Garda. To get from this path to the main summit of Cima Valdritta (2218m P1950) involved a little easy scrambling.
Cima Valdritta

Cima Valdritta summit
Who would have thought an Ultra would be so easy and so quick. I decided to vary the return route by going back along the ridge past the point where I joined it to the next top, Monte Maggiore/Punta Telegrafo. This was another top that had evidence of WWI trench warfare as well as the obligatory cross. There was a nearby refuge, which despite being closed had a surprising number of people sat on its verandah - yet I had not seem anyone anywhere else on the ridge. From there I used track 652 back to the start point.
Monte Maggiore/Punta Telegrafo

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